Monday, November 14, 2011


boredom has brought me to my wishlist i created when i was 10-11 year-old. some are nonsense, half-achieved, too big to figure out, yet to come, and haven't been thought of = forget!. and after some alterations here and there, i decided to keep the wishlist and FOLLOW MY DREAMS i dreamt during my childhood. it wasn't bad at all i think.

here are they:
#1 - save some money to buy Merc & a bangalow. (urr.... i'll try. or at least an affordable car)
#2 - travel around the world in 30 days! (i'll make it an annual holiday, so i can save money by year end)
#3 - buy a lot of perfumes. (i'm collecting)
#4 - study hard, be a doctor. (ok, maybe PhD in teaching profession since im in this, insyaallah)
#5 - get married at 22 like mama. (i'm 24 and still counting, if God's will)

and the list continues soon... i'm sleepy. it's time to dream...

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