Monday, January 3, 2011

Rambai, here i come!

yes! dh dpt kunci bilik. 

but it was 66 stairs all together. it's like being in the upmost tower in the castle. And it's like Rapunzel, Rapunzel. 

and did i mention the room is messy? yeah. so called reban ayam. thrashes n plastics were all over the place. and my mirror was not attached to the wall. gggrrrr.. 

but ct said, "ok ape, awak xpayah nk jengket, nanti tak nampak pulak..". and that's very true though. so, never mind. 

we have come into conclusion that...

it's not going to be today.

Maybe this afternoon or tomorrow we'll set the place neat and tidy. and begin our journey hiking "The Palace of Rambai"!

It's gonna total workout everyday to the end of the semester and of the whole 6 years.

and it's gonna be tiring of all the workloads and etc....

and it's gonna be a memorable semester of 

love and friendship..... 
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