Sunday, August 30, 2009

horoscope vs reality

Scorpio Horoscope
Aug 30, 2009

"Long ailments should not be ignored they might cause some problems. You would be taken for a ride if you behave too generous with your finances. Arguments at home will lead to unpleasantness with family members. High emotions could ruin your day- especially when you find your beloved too friendly with others. Keep a vigil in the business to save yourself from cheating."

OMG... i don't know whether to believe this or not. indeed, it's very true for now.. that line of beloved thingy is very true. he was very friendly with my girl friend at 3 IN THE MORNING on a facebook! ya.. u might say i've been thinking too much, but hey, i thought he was asleep, coz he was very tired he said, no he said he was flat.. so i asked him to go and get some sleep, and he said ok.. and that time was 2.04 am.. do you get the picture??

is that i'm thinking too much or what? ok, maybe i think too much.. but i didn't know that until my friend told me about last night's meeting with them in the 2pm class.

i'm not jealous i think, but hoping for the same... i hope he would not ask me with who i'm going to class, with i'm doing this, doing that.. just i hope of the same.. where i can do whatever i want and at the same time i'm still with him.. it's just that..

p/s: am i frustrated or what? but the thing is i'm not jealous.

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